Join us on a journey where we are shaping the future, one learner at a time

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Industry Experts

With over 20 years of experience in the training and development industry we are so much more than just a training provider. We offer a reliable service together with flexible and customised training solutions to meet your business needs.

We are verified as a proud level 1 B-BBEE Contributor and love what we do.

We have branches, facilitators and associates throughout South Africa.

Multiple Training Solutions

Including enterprise development and learnerships for people living with disabilities.

We have grown over the past 20 years and we keep expanding within our partnerships and learnerships to pave the way forward for our youth.

We join up in partnership to get new ideas and solutions to improving our youth’s employment throughout South Africa and the world.

Accredited Training Provider

We are best prepared and accredited for training our youth to get them to achieve their goals.

About Us

Kukhula is derived from the Zulu word, "uKukhula", meaning to grow or develop.

Kukhula is derived from the Zulu word Ukukhula which means to grow and develop. With this in mind Kukhula has been dedicated to the growth and development of individuals and organisations since 2002, by developing employees through our dynamic facilitation, practical application and customisation to suit our clients’ industry. Kukhula gives employees practical competencies and skills that will enable them to fulfil and exceed in their roles within the organisation and optimise future growth.

In addition, we also offer enterprise development for entrepreneurs to grow and establish sustainable businesses, as well as learnerships which empowers people living with disabilities to become part of the workforce and also allow organisations to gain maximum B-BEE scorecard points. We are an equity organization with over 21 years of training experience in all business sectors, with a Level 1 B-BBEE score card and branches and associates throughout South Africa, giving us a multi-national footprint.

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"One learner at a time"

We at Kukhula believe that when unlocking someone's full potential - then we can truly shape the future of the working enviroment for individuals and employers alike. Making an impact on the economy and enriching lives is what we do.

"Shaping the Future"

The Kukhula vision is the seed of the organisation, growing in all areas, people and actions taken within, “shaping the future” in alignment to environmental changes happening consistently in the modern day working environments and economy.

We are a formidable force to be reckoned with!

Our image is a reflection of the impact that we make, not only in South Africa but also in other parts of the world and growing!

We go above and beyond for our clients!

We work hard and are passionate about what we do every day.

"Teamwork, Above & Beyond, Integrity, Innovation"

These are our 4 core values that we strive to conduct in our business, may it be in the classroom or in the office. Kukhula Team strives to go above and beyond for all our learners, clients and each other.



Internships are an excellent way of exposing graduates to the workplace, however graduates are often unprepared as it may be their first exposure to the environment.
Kukhula can assist in combining your Internship with a Workplace Readiness Programme, preparing them for the world of work for example, how to behave and dress appropriately, and how to liaise with their colleagues and clients.
Contact us today to find out how our Workplace Readiness Programme can benefit your business.

We have various Learnerships and Short skills programmes, we also offer customizable qualification solutions.

Upskill your Employees on any of our various Learnerships and Short Skills Programmes online! With our SETA Accredited Online / Virtual classes and Kukhula.Online platform that has been benchmarked by the ETDP SETA, your employees gain all of the benefits of training with accessibility nationwide. Our platform is user-friendly and available on all smart devices: Cellphone, Laptop, Tablet and Computer.
They have ongoing access to resources, communication portal to their peers, facilitator and assessor.

Skilled employees take your business to the next level. Our Management Qualifications provide the skills needed to lead and manage teams effectively improving the performance of your business unit.

We offer three levels of Management Qualifications to suit multiple industries.
NQF3 for Team Leaders and Supervisors.
NQF4 for Junior and Middle Managers.
NQF5 for more experienced and Senior Managers.

The fundamentals of Management (Plan, Lead, Organise and Control) are dealt with in these learnerships in a practical manner whereby you implement what you have learned in the workplace.


We offer a range of Qualifications and Short Skills Programmes. Forming part of organisations strategies to upskill their Staff, People with Disabilities, Unemployed Youth and previously disadvantaged, as well as their CSI/CSR Initiatives within the communities that they are focusing on making an impact.

Client References

Kukhula is devoted to our clients, see some of our client references and feedback regarding our services.

Benefits Of Training

Improve your B-BBEE Score Card

Training directly impacts 4 elements of your B-BBEE Scorecard: Management Control, Skills, Enterprise, Supplier and Socio-Economic Development.

Grants From SETA

SETA Grants such as the mandatory, pivotal and discretionary grants can help you to fund your training programmes.

Greater Productivity

Employees show greater quantity and quality of performance. There is less wastage of time, money and resources.

Increased Job Satisfaction

Through a continued investment from the business, staff can have a much higher sense of job satisfaction, which can improve their work motivation.

Stay Ahead Of Competitors

By making sure your staff are constantly advancing, you will continue to move forward and remain competitive within the marketplace.

Lower Employee Turnover

Training creates a feeling of confidence in employees. Giving them security at the workplace, resulting in the reduction of labour turnover and absenteeism.

Targeting Specific Skills In A Organisation

You choose what new skills your workforce gains, targeting skills to meet the needs of your operation for now and in the future.

Improve Organisational Success

Entry-level employees, who carry out the majority of the labour contribute exponentially to the organisations financial and social success.

Reduced Supervision

Training improves necessary skill sets in employees and empowers them to address tasks independently, hence requiring less supervision.

Learner Testimonials

We asked a few of our dedicated learners to give us their story and how Kukhula has changed their lives.

Why Choose us?

There are various reasons why you should partner with Kukhula Global Projects.

Professional Team

Your team is dedicated to your needs and go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals from recruitment to completion and certification, we got your back.

Multiple Training Solutions

We have multiple training solutions that are customised to your business needs, we offer various learnerships and short skills programmes. We also offer in-class training or accredited online training.

Broad National Footprint

With offices based in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, having our Facilitators based throughout South Africa, we are able to train in almost any area. With our online training platform, we can train from anywhere in the world.

Over 20 Years Experience

Shaping The Future

Help us shape the future of our unemployed youth and people living with disabilities by giving them opportunities for a better future.


With our Kukhula Training Platform, we are not just teaching learners their qualifications but they are also learning computer skills like virtual classes.

We have trained thousands of learners in every sector throughout South Africa.

Here are but a few of our current clients:

Some of our happy clients to mention a few

Kukhula News

Stay updated with our news and blog posts.

We are incredibly honoured to have James Vos Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Growth visit our Cape Town training centre on Monday 28/02/2022 with our strategic partner Leelyn Management to speak with our learners on their experiences, and our aspiring entrepreneurs to present their businesses. As well as discuss our HOPE2.Ignite programme for job seekers in partnership with IBM#training #growth #entrepreneurs #jobseekers

Kukhula Global Projects – In the News again! – 30 March 2022

Kukhula is very excited to be featured in the newspaper for our visit by the City of Cape Town Executive Mayoral Committee and our partners at Leelyn Management (Jobs Connect).

We look forward to shaping the future for many learners in 2022 by providing them with the skills they need for the working world.

(What is written in the article below) …

Platform offers job prep and placements

City already recruited and assessed 39 000 Capetonians.

Jobs Connect is the City’s flagship workforce development project run by the Enterprise and Investment Department.  It offers an easy-to-use digital platform that removes the cost barriers associated with finding employment.

The platform, facilitated by Leelyn Management, has two overarching goals; to provide job-readiness training to job seekers across town, particularly those without the means to access training on their own, and facilitate job placements by linking small businesses and corporates to the appropriate talent.

The programme has already recruited and assessed about 39 000 people, trained more than 5 123, and placed 2 783 in jobs and learning opportunities across Cape Town.

City councillors recently visited the I-CAN Venture in Elsies River, as well as Kukhula Global Projects in Midrand.  Here they met some Capetonians undergoing training facilitated by Jobs Connect.

I-CAN facilitates digital literacy skilled training, while Kukhula empowers students with soft and hard skills to make them work-ready.  Kukhula’s courses include sales and customer relations, conflict management and digital skills.

How does it work?

  • Job seekers need to register their details online at:


and complete a literacy and numeracy assessment.

The results of the assessment will be added to a digital CV.

The entire process is paperless, but CVs and assessment results can be printed.

  • Businessowners who are looking for talent can email:


to also register as an employer.

#training #growth #entrepreneurs #jobseekers

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