Kukhula is derived from the Zulu word, ''uKukhula'', meaning to grow or develop.

Kukhula is derived from the Zulu word Ukukhula which means to grow and develop. With this in mind Kukhula has been dedicated to the growth and development of individuals and organisations since 2002, by developing employees through our dynamic facilitation, practical application and customisation to suit our clients’ industry. Kukhula gives employees practical competencies and skills that will enable them to fulfil and exceed in their roles within the organisation and optimise future growth.

In addition, we also offer enterprise development for entrepreneurs to grow and establish sustainable businesses, as well as learnerships which empowers people living with disabilities to become part of the workforce and also allow organisations to gain maximum B-BEE scorecard points. We are an equity organization with over 21 years of training experience in all business sectors, with a Level 1 B-BBEE score card and branches and associates throughout South Africa, giving us a multi-national footprint.


"Shaping the Future"

The Kukhula vision is the seed of the organisation, growing in all areas, people and actions taken within, “shaping the future” in alignment to environmental changes happening consistently in the modern day working environments and economy.


"One learner at a time"

We at Kukhula believe that when unlocking someone's full potential - then we can truly shape the future of the working enviroment for individuals and employers alike. Making an impact on the economy and enriching lives is what we do.


"Teamwork, Above & Beyond, Integrity, Innovation"

These are our 4 core values that we strive to conduct in our business, may it be in the classroom or in the office. Kukhula Team strives to go above and beyond for all our learners, clients and each other.


Being accredited by the relevant bodies proves that we not only have invested in offering higher education but also of quality standards.


We are verified as a proud Level 1 B-BBEE contributor with 125% procurement recognition. Not only do we hold a level 1 B-BBEE scorecard, but our services directly impact four of the B-BBEE elements of our clients B-BBEE Scorecard:
1. Management Control
2. Skills Development
3. Enterprise Development and Supplier Development
4. Socio Economic Development


Services SETA ensures that the skill requirements of the services sector are identified and that adequate and appropriate skills are readily available. The Services SETA contributes to the improvement of sector skills through achieving a more favourable balance between demand and supply, and ensuring that education and training meet the agreed standards within a national framework.

03. SAQA

The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) is a juristic organisation - that is an entity given a legal personality by the law. The South African Qualifications Authority Board is a body of 12 members appointed by the Minister of Higher Education and Training.


In accordance with the Higher Education Act (1997), Private Higher Education Institutions are required to register with the Department of Education. The courses that we offer are accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE).


Umalusi Council sets and monitors standards for general and further education and training in South Africa in accordance with the National Qualification Framework Act No 67 of 2008 and the General and further Education and training Quality Assurance Act No 58 of 2001.

06. QCTO

The QCTO is responsible for the accreditation of Skills Development Providers (SDPs). The QCTO accredits SDPs to offer programmes and qualifications that falls under the Occupational Qualifications Sub-Framework (OQSF)


With offices based in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, having our Facilitators based throughout South Africa, we are able to train in almost any area.